Damian Holmes “She Likes Mad Men for the Wrong Reasons” Episode 7


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Welcome to Tinder Tales! This is my new podcast about the best and worst of Tinder. I am joined by New York Comedian Damian Holmes. We talk about making mixtapes for girls you haven’t met yet and how being your authentic self is the best way to find people online.

Follow Damian on Twitter: @DamianHolmess and see him on Jackknife Comedy on May 29th 8pm at the Creek and the Cave

Follow me at @Piccolomeany and See my Show “Million Dollar Basement Show” at Mr. Dennehys Bar in the West Village May 18th 8:30 Doors 9:00 Show

I also run a show called Guestroom Comedy (FACEBOOK LINK HERE) every Tuesday at Two Boots Williamsburg 8-8:30 Everyone gets a free beer 8:30 pm we start a kick ass comedy show

Also Follow us on FB at Tinder Tales Podcast (FACEBOOK LINK HERE)

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