Tracy McClendon “Mom Says 2nd Base is Anal” Episode 96

Tracy Mcclendon.jpg


Welcome to Tinder Tales! This is my podcast about the best and worst of Online Dating. Boom Live Episode! Listen to my guest Tracy McClendon as we talk about horrendous dudes who try to skip out on the check, coming out to her parents as straight, and her mom’s version of the sex bases

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Follow Tracy’s Youtube Channel Lacy Productions

Follow me at @Piccolomeany and I also run a show called Ambush Comedy every Tuesday at Two Boots Williamsburg 8-8:30pm Everyone gets a free beer, 8:30 pm we start an awesome comedy show. Recently featured in Time Out NYC

Tinder Tales Live is Friday January 19th at 7:30pm and is monthly! Preorder tickets for $7! Featuring Chris Calogero, Amy Shanker, and Julie Kotakis

I have a new podcast called Talking Chopped! A podcast all about the TV Show Chopped. It’s hilarious I love it.

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